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The Taxi Advertising Specialist




Trust is earned, and Sherbet clients value our 25+ years’ experience in the taxi media industry. Pioneering, innovating, planning, producing and delivering. Sherbet is proud to be a part of the most respected and trusted taxi industry in the world.


Out-of-Home media and taxi advertising in particular, has never been so accountable. Using digital photographic recording, professional operations facilities and hi-tech GPS tracking, we can track and report every taxi as it delivers your campaign.

Track Record

We launched our first campaign in 1995. Since then we’ve developed new formats, added value and the latest technology. Promoting brands from travel, leisure, finance, retail, charity, entertainment and FMCG, our experience in promoting consumer and B2B brands is unequalled.


From global blue-chips to dynamic start-ups and national tourist boards to Worldwide Olympic Partners, we have run some of the highest-profile, most recognisable and memorable taxi campaigns ever launched, many of which repeat year after year.


Our Clients Campaigns


Audience and Statistics

Taxis carry messages on both major and minor roads, adding unique cover.Taxis can penetrate messages in areas where other traffic is banned.
With taxis, advertisers can reach up to 30 million consumers per week in major cities (Source Outsmart).
ABC1 adults make up 71% of audience viewing tip up seats in the last 7 days
Advertising viewed inside London taxis are 61% male and 39% female.
Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 17.55.54
81% of ABC1 spontaneously recalled seeing a brand on taxis. Waiting taxis keep the message visible in key locations.
High dwell time for interior ads to target quality passengers.
Digital screens allow advertisers to reach audiences with moving words and pictures.
Taxi audience is upscale, active, affluent and mobile (Source TGI 2012). Taxis are for calm and private space for passenger.
Iconic London taxis have stamped their presence on the capital for over 100 years. Being part of the ‘London scene’ means that they feature regularly in regional, national and global media coverage, and can even make the news in their own right.


Why use Sherbet Taxis


International Reach

The global reach of the Sherbet taxi media network enables us to plan and book campaigns in territories throughout Europe, in Africa, Asia and North America from our base in the UK. The impact of running simultaneous campaigns across markets is well proven, and our direct operational relationships with taxi media owners makes the process efficient, effective and achievable for our clients.
Taxi Advertising in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, US, Ukraine, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Brazil

United Kingdom Reach

There is no taxi media operator in London with a longer or closer association to the trade. London is at the heart of most UK campaigns, although the regions offer attractive opportunities too. The Sherbet team have extensive experience of running campaigns across England including London, and in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic.
Taxi Advertising in London Taxi Advertising in Manchester • Taxi Advertising in Birmingham • Taxi Advertising in Bristol • Taxi Advertising in Wales • Taxi Advertising in Scotland

American Reach

The North American market is key to many brands. Sherbet has a network of tactically positioned outdoor media networks in key States and territories from coast to coast. With unique audience profiles, media formats and commercial arrangements in place, Sherbet can run trans-Atlantic taxi campaigns independently, or as part of a coordinated multi-market programme.
Taxi Advertising in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco


Ambitious People, Innovative Taxi Advertising


Asher Moses



Recognised and respected throughout the taxi trade, Asher has a talent for identifying and delivering commercial opportunities and leading businesses to success. He has a proven track record in taxi fleet management, media sales, operations and creative marketing. Asher was a licensed London taxi driver himself in the 1980s and went on to found Taxi Promotions, helping to establish the emerging taxi advertising platform in London. In 2009 he acquired Taxi Media from Clear Channel Outdoor. Having established working relationships and revenue streams with 23% of the entire London taxi fleet, Asher sold Taxi Media to US company VeriFone.


Leah Melinek



Leah provides the business with a strong commercial leadership and has over 12 years’ experience directly within the taxi media industry. During this time, she has managed the acquisition of previous taxi advertising business Taxi Media from Clear Channel as well as overseeing the buyout of the taxi media company to VeriFone. Her responsibilities included negotiations of many of the complex trading and financial arrangements on a day to day level as well as key management decisions for the business.