What the Sponsorship Package Includes

A Premium fleet iconic black Taxis

  • Exterior branding
  • Ambassador driver with knowledge of your brand
  • Passenger experiences in back of taxi
  • Sherbet interactive entertainment screen
  • Tip-up seat ad panels and branded receipts


Booking App!

  • Consumer Desktop!
  • Branded eReceipts

On Screen

  • Brand welcome/safety video, 30 sec
  • Brand video, 3 minutes
  • Brand banners
  • Brand competition



  • Launch the biggest taxi campaign
  • Local and global media coverage
groupon branded taxiwowcherskype branded taxisherbet branded taxi


Why Choose Sherbet Taxis

High Specification Vehicles

  • Fitted with the latest safety, security, ecological.

  • TX4 Euro 5 taxis the most efficient to date.

  • Taxis cleanest, greenest on the road.

  • In-car mobile phone and tablet charging points.

  • GPS tracking, number plate recognition.


  • The rear exterior panels with sponsor branding. 

  • Custom-sprayed graphic overlays will be applied. 

  • Colour accuracy, quality and durability.

  • Drivers will be supportive of the digital technology.

  • Taxis are GPS traceable and accountable.

Sherbet London taxis are fully loaded with the highest available specifications, plus many additional fitted options. Sherbet upgrades including chrome fixtures and fittings and a range of technical additions. Technical enhancements include GPS tracking, number plate recognition, in-car mobile phone and tablet charging points.

Further Opportunities such as branded umbrellas, daily newspaper available inside the taxi and branded apparel.


  • Inside the passenger compartment.

  • Branded two tip-seat ad panels.

  • Interior can be customized to sponsors specification.

  • Brand colour upholstery.

  • Brand floor covering. (All subject to TFL approval)


 Sherbet Media Technology

Digital Entertainment 

Sherbet’s Taxi Entertainment system to provides a personalised experience for Sherbet’s passengers. As well as tailoring the content to pre-selected preferences such as business or entertainment, and linking services such as Facebook and Twitter, Stent can showcase relevant offers – which can also be filtered by time of day and location.

GPS & NFC Technology

  • NFC will offer new and upcoming opportunities (on request) .
  • New technology encourages fun, rewarding and engaging experiences for passengers.
  • New app Blippar can turn tip-seat images into Interactive entertainment creating instant brand experiences on your phone.
  • Perfect for advertisers to integrate easily with mobile and online media.
The system will be GPS enabled, allowing geo targeted advertising based on the whereabouts of the taxi at any time, whilst supplying accurate and comprehensive data. Traffic levels in specific postcode areas will be logged providing a record of the impact of the fleet across all Greater London postcodes and the outlying regions.

Sherbet London Brand Accountability

Sherbet London owns the inventory, the technical platform and the driver rental contracts. Accordingly, the Sherbet London sponsorship proposition provides the fleet Sponsor with a level of accountability which breaks exciting new ground in the licensed London taxi trade.

Our Elite Drivers

  • Drivers are hand picked for their brand ambassador role.
  • Sherbet will partner with the sponsor brand to train and educate the drivers.
  • Sherbet interactive entertainment screen.
  • London drivers have completed the knowledge and trained in safe, secure and comfortable driving
Our drivers are comprehensively briefed and inducted so they understand their advertiser or sponsor brands, and can speak confidently and knowledgeably about them. In many cases they even experience the brands at first hand – Tourist Boards, airlines, hotel chains and attractions for example, hosting ‘familiarisation trips’ for drivers and their partners. Drivers can ‘seed’ stories, feature in press releases, take the spotlight themselves and promote commercial interests and current affairs. Now, having enthusiastically embraced social media, they can circulate and retweet a story throughout London in minutes.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Sherbet London will contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions and is investing in zero emission capable taxis as they become available. Sherbet will be  the greenest, largest, highest quality, uniquely branded fleet of London taxis. We will maintain our position at the cutting edge of urban environmental and ecological developments. We are committed to rolling out an electric/hybrid taxi fleet as soon as the available.