As part of their ‘Sometimes all that Glitters is Gold’ campaign, Source ETF has collaborated with Sherbet Media, advertising gold ETC (exchange traded certificate) on a number of Sherbet taxis that will carry their adverts across London.

Source chose to ultilise Sherbet Media’s supersides, tip seats and branded receipts, as well as the telematics tracking system for their most recent campaign.

To advertise the campaign further, Source has taken to social media, offering goodie bags to anyone who takes a selfie with one of the Sherbet London Source ETF taxis. Source will also make a donation of the value of one ounce of gold to a UK-registered charity of one winner’s choice.


Speaking at a specially incorporated PR event in conjunction with Sherbet Media, Emma Mallinder, Interim Head of Brand at Source said:

‘Our ‘guerrilla marketingidea was to plant four gold taxis outside a Bloomberg event, so that attendees who had spent a couple of hours learning about investing in gold would see (or hopefully get in) a taxi emblazoned with our product details.

It went down very well, and most attendees assumed it was a happy coincidence. The steward was excellent, he called me to talk through our objectives for the evening and make sure that he delivered exactly what we wanted.

We cannot tell yet exactly what effect this stunt had on our fund, but we did see an unusual rise in page views on our website for our gold product. We hope that this will lead to some trades.’

Chloe Luff, Account Director at Sherbet Media commented: ‘We are delighted to be working with Source on this great campaign. The creative looks fantastic and catches the eye, utilising special production techniques to ensure a golden finish. The PR event couldn’t have been better. We look forward to working with Source again on future projects.’

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