Pressure of daily life sees guys looking for peace and quiet

With 40% of guys across the UK admitting to feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of daily life, the need to relax and find peace and quiet is at an all-time high. New research out today has revealed that over half of guys (54%) would like to escape the busy city streets and find a social retreat to help them unwind and relax.

To demonstrate that guys are keen to escape the urban noise, grooming brand Lynx soundproofed a busy East London street, just off the infamously hectic Brick Lane. The soundproofing of the street, including a black cab marks the launch of Lynx’s venture ‘Black Space’, a new social retreat in the heart of busy Shoreditch, where visitors can unwind and ‘bring the quiet’.

When asked about what key life stresses guys would love to live without, 43% admitted traffic, work colleagues (35%) and their boss (25%) as the top things which they would like to escape from. Black Space is set to become the destination where blokes can do just that.

Lynx’s Black Space is open until 2nd August 2015 and is located on 11-12 Dray Walk, Shoreditch, E1 6NJ

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