At Sherbet Media, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients, so when Open Outdoor wanted to surprise one of their own clients with a personalised taxi for a milestone birthday, we were more than happy to help.

Open Outdoor made use of Sherbet Media’s taxi supersides to display images of CJ, Managing Director at All Response Media, who was celebrating his 50th birthday. One of Sherbet’s taxi drivers greeted CJ at his workplace in the vehicle to take him to an unknown location. Upon noticing the personalised taxi with his face on, CJ was very shocked, but loved the taxi. He was, however, slightly embarrassed by the photo of himself dressed as a woman.

Personalised Taxi 50th Birthday

CJ soon arrived at the unknown location – his local pub – where his work colleagues from All Response Media were waiting with cheers and laughter at the sight of their MD in a personalised taxi.

Marc Gutreich, Board Director at Open Outdoor, who organised the unique taxi with Sherbet Media, said: “With very little time to spare Sherbet Media helped organise a taxi to celebrate our client’s 50th Birthday. In little over one week they were able to get the supersides printed and posted and ensure the taxi greeted him at the office and whisked him to the local to enjoy a birthday drink or two – a great surprise that went down brilliantly.”

Personalised Taxi Advert

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