Wednesday 18 July 2018

Sherbet London have launched a new website. The new website delivers three key messages to Sherbet London’s identified audiences of drivers, passengers and media partners: Drive with Sherbet, Ride with Sherbet and Advertise with Sherbet.

Asher Moses, CEO of Sherbet London, said: “The new Sherbet London is about building a network of professional drivers, by driving investment in sustainable, environmentally-friendly vehicles. We want to build a community that supports drivers in delivering technology and service excellence. The website is a key part of delivering against this vision.”

The new website,, pulls together information in one place for all key audiences. Drivers can find out which vehicles are available for rent or apply to join the elite network, designed for owner-drivers and leasers of electric vehicles. Asher added, “Over the last five years, we have focused on growing our fleet Now we are focused on the future, and that must to be built on the back of a low or zero emissions fleet. So, we’re continuing to invest heavily in electric LEVC vehicles and we’re actively recruiting owner-drivers with electric vehicles. We want these drivers to come and talk to us and receive the support they need so we can collectively future proof the safest, premium transport system in London.”

Sherbet London utilise the latest technology in all vehicles, providing detailed GPS tracking data, credit card payment terminals, in-vehicle surveillance, external cameras, fixed and hourly fares, high access to airport transfers and film shoot work.

“The beauty of the Sherbet London model is that we have identified the most lucrative channels for drivers to increase their income and we focus on them via every channel. So, when we take on a media partner, we are thinking of ways to maximise that partnership and improve the experience for the customer and the income generation potential for the driver.” Asher said.


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