As part of London Heathrow Airport’s Christmas campaign, Sherbet Media provided taxis branded with the ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ advert to welcome travellers back to London for the holidays.

Heathrow’s first-ever Christmas TV campaign, created by advertising agency Havas, launched on November 14th. It follows an elderly couple of teddy bears as they make their way through London’s busiest airport to meet their relatives, finishing with the slogan ‘Coming Home The Best Gift Of All.’

The Out Of Home taxi advertising campaign, booked by Carat and Posterscope, launched with Sherbet Media on November 21st and tied in nicely with the heart-warming Christmas TV advert during the Christmas season.

To help create that ‘coming home’ feeling, the taxi supersides were placed on Sherbet’s Heathrow Airport rank taxis, waiting to pick up passengers returning to the airport from across the globe and shuttle them home for Christmas.

Heathrow Airport Coming Home For Christmas Taxi Advert

Sales and Marketing Manager at Sherbet Media, Jai Pushkin, said: ‘It’s been really exciting hosting this brilliant taxi campaign in conjunction with Heathrow Airport’s ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ TV advert. Our dedicated Heathrow taxi drivers really enjoyed meeting passengers from the airport and taking them home for the holidays. We look forward to working with Heathrow, Carat and Posterscope again in the future.’

Heathrow Airport Coming Home For Christmas Taxi Advert

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