GANT present ‘Couple Thinkers’ with Craig and Megan Ferguson this season on YouTube launch their campaign with Sherbet Media and Sherbet London taxis.

A trailer for GANT’s ‘Couple Thinkers’ previews few significant questions couple plans to ask.

Fashion retailer GANT is launching its biggest advertising campaign in history

‘Couple Thinkers’  hosts Include former CBS ‘Late Late Show’ host Craig Ferguson and his wife Megan. The Series can be seen on Gant’s YouTube channel. Over the past few years, GANT’s stylish videos have pulled in about 1.4 million views and are planning to go far beyond that number. The Fergusons’ contribution to Gant’s library will consist of six episodes and began transmissions on October 9.

Each episode attempts to tackle some of life’s largest questions. Topics such as space, sustainability and the human brain, will be discussed with expert guests including Kimbal Musk, Jon Ronsonand Arianna Huffington.

‘We created this show with young curious professionals in mind – a group that is well-informed, open-minded and tech savvy’, said Global Marketing Director, Eleonore Säll. ‘We believe brands should dare to create content that is both entertaining and informative, content that people would genuinely like to watch. With this show we hope to create conversation starters, spark curiosity and prove that questions can be more important than answers – something we believe the world needs more of right now’. Source.

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GANT chose Sherbet Media to promote Couple Thinkers to an affluent ABC1 target audience in London’s west end.

Sherbet Media is proudly working with GANT and Ad City Havas Media to spread massive awareness about ‘Couple Thinkers’ across London.

You can find GANT’s branded Supersides taxis with tip seats, digital screens and receipts hugely visible on London’s busiest streets. Sherbet Media is always offering passengers first class taxi experience. We do that by constantly making sure that only our top hand picked best drivers are part of the campaign.

As a part of this exciting campaign we additionally have provided exclusive pick up service for GANT’s press.

Also, we are using our telematics systems to live track each and every taxi on the road.This way we can ensure that we are providing the best service making the campaign thrive in and out side of Sherbet’s taxis.


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