What we can Achieve


  • Our team of award-winning designers, and copywriters are here to create stunning work. Stunning visuals, potent words, engaging formats, ground-breaking ideas.
  • We will achieve the best visuals for your taxi campaign.
  • We can’t always promise to give you what you expect, but we absolutely promise to give you what our experience, insight, imagination and talent tells us is the best solution for your brief.

Experiential with Taxis

  • Creative use of branded taxis can add interest, personality and value to almost any online or event activity.
  • Agencies can use their taxi and driver assets to proactively make the news, promotions, events and announcements.
  • Photography of all your taxis around London.
  • Building profile and awareness.
  • Press pack photos.

PR Services

Taxis can be used in variety of interactive ways to engage with the consumer. Many brands capitalise on the adaptability and availability of branded taxis and use them as potent photogenic promotional and PR vehicles at events and for special duties. Brands can stamp their presence on the capital. The ‘London scene’ supports global brands in their strategic objectives, enabling them to become part of the fabric of the city, inhabiting the same space as the working population, leisure visitors and those from further afield in the UK and overseas.

Our Specifications 

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