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Sherbet Media have teamed up with ADS Securities to deliver an outstanding taxi advertising campaign in London, this autumn.

ADS Securities are a London-based brokerage and ECN, providing sophisticated multi-market Forex, precious metals, CFD and spread trading for both retail and institutional clients. ADS Securities began operating in November 2014, serving investors and institutions based in the UK, Europe and North America.

Orex’s heavy weight campaign of full wrapped liveries and taxis supersides with branded tip seats, receipts, digital rooftops and internal digital screens dominate Sherbet London’s premium fleet of black taxis.

Orex are also utilising Sherbet’s 4G WiFi with a hyperlink to the ADS Securities website.  The wifi hyperlink helps passengers understand more about the platform.

The Orex campaign is targeting high net worth City brokers, ABC1’s and those interested in Forex trading technologies with delivery of  over 73% cover at 7 OTS against London ABC1s* .

The Orex fleet of taxis have been selected via their journey patterns and behaviours using our ground break geo-targeting software telematics systems.  The drivers are those who have a much higher propensity to be around locations such as The Square Mile, Canary Wharf, St Pauls, Moorgate and Liverpool Street.

Have you spotted an ADS Securities shiny black&white cab driving around London yet?

ADS Securities Orex Taxis out and about on the streets of London

Superside & Full Livery ADS Securities Orex taxis

Livery close-up


Trading on the go has never been more easy than using ADS Securities Orex mobile trading platform.

Check out ADS Securities YouTube video:



*source Route Research Limited


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